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We must "admit" each new student to the courses.  We have had fake emails get listed on the student list, so to prevent scammers from being on the list of students, we have to "admit" new students.

Please email Dr. Gould after your initial registration to make sure he knows that you need to be approved/admitted.
 email:  drgoulddc@gmail.com

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Welcome to the home page of KsRadTech.MyIcourse.com.

Online educational site for non-certified radiology personnel.  This site is designed for use by medical assistants, chiropractic assistants, nurses, Lab. techs., and anyone that is taking X-rays and has not had a formal training program and is not certified in radiology technology.

Kansas law requires that all persons working in radiology must obtain 12 hours per year of radiation safety education/training.  This site can be used to obtain all or part of those hours.

Virginia requires a 50 hour educational program, leading to a limited radiography certificate.  Contact the United Virginia Chiropractic Association.


See the course catalog for course listings.

Let us know if you need us to apply to different states for continuing education credits.

Please let us know if there are any problems with the site, even typographical errors.

Contact:   drgoulddc@gmail.com      subject line:   "ksradtech online program"

Thank you.